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Historic Looe

During your stay in Looe you may wish to take some time to step back into the past and discover Looes rich heritage. The museum situated in the Old Guild Hall is a good place to start. It contains everything from prehistoric finds, up-to memories of World War II.

You can also wander around the town using the Looe Heritage tail to guide you. This is a great way of discovering what the old builings were used for and you might even find yourselves walking along old streets you didnt even know existed. Looe is steeped in history and has retained its historic character to the present day. 

The Malt House dates back to the 17th century and is believed to have been used in the production of Whisky which when made was carried next door to the pub where it was sold in copious quantities to local fishermen and no doubt a few pirates, smugglers and wreckers too!

The Old Malt House

Historic Looe